⋆ [BLCD+Songs] Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori

Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori (君と僕と世界のほとり), roughly translated as “You, me and the World side by side”, is a BL drama cd and songs series. The project will be a collaboration between PONY CANYON and GINGER BERRY, known for original BL series such as Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no.

As promised, I’ll try doing a rundown on characters, story and all the information available at the moment on the project site.

~A project to support in the shadow those who do not give up on love~

Starting from PONY CANYON × GINGER BERRY’s music,
an original song & drama CD BL series begins!
Set in the same town of “Rokka”, it’ll depict love of inseparable friends, love found by chance, love of childhood friends.
Why not wholeheartedly support in the shadow those who don’t give up on love?

The theme is special anniversaries for the two of them such as “Christmas”,”Valentine”, “Graduation”.

We will deliver the theme songs, endings love duet and
a drama that follows them from the moment their painful, unstable romance overflows until they give themselves to each other for the first heart throbbing time. Continue reading

⋆ [Tomo Kurahashi] Hello, Morning Star

81whtw0sNvLAfter years of inactivity, I suddenly felt the need to write reviews again. I’ve been receiving notifications about people still coming over to this blog to read the weird stuff I used to write and I felt so euphoric that in the end I decided to give it another try. I hope I won’t let anyone down this time, I’ll try my best to give some worthy and not boring reviews.

From the title and cover picture I’m pretty sure there’s no need to introduce the manga I’m going to talk about, but, just in case, it’s Hello Morning Star by Tomo Kurahashi sensei.

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⋆ Renta! 10th Anniversary event!


Hello!! I’m back again with more fun things for you to do!

Today is Renta!’s 10th Anniversary and to celebrate they prepared a cute page with 28 attractions; each of them has your favourite mangakas’ special illustrations. ♥
Below I translated all the attractions, illustrations themes, included mangakas names and, where there were, what they consider moe.

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⋆ こどもエンドロール (藤谷陽子)

01Hello! It’s been a while, but I’m finally back (HOPEFULLY!!!! I’ve been repeating these words in my mind a lot lately, but nothing happened till, well, today). I’ve kinda been in a slump and I’m really trying to solve this annoying problem.

Anyway, there are some good news I’ve been wanting to share with you all kind souls who have been reading my boring reviews since forever. Those who follow me on twitter might already know, but I’m saying it anyway: I finally decided to sell some BLs. I’d be glad if you checked my pinned message on twitter for infos and pictures, since I need to update the shop page on my blog with prices and titles. And yes, speaking of prices, I’m not planning to sell my stuff at more than 15€ (shipping fees included), so I hope you’ll think about it! If you want more pictures or informations, feel free to @ or DM me.

That’s all I wanted to say, now let’s get back on what I came here for.
Today’s title is Kodomo End Roll by Fujitani Ryouko. I’m honestly so happy I got my hands on one of sensei’s works because I really, really have a (BIG) crush on her stories and art!!! \ (•̀ε •́✿) /

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⋆ BL AWARD 2017

header_imgSo, it’s been a while, uh? But I’m finally back (I hope so at least)! I’ve decided to write this big list while trying to get my inspiration back, ahah…………… ah.

ANYWAY! You might be wondering what’s all this about, right? Well basically, since 2009, Chil Chil (a BL information site) has been holding its own annual BL-AWARD! And here I am to write the final results for you all. What I’m going to do is just listing the titles, I won’t link back to anything, but you should be able to read the ones translated in english and the raws of the rest by simply searching the titles (also, because I noticed sometimes japanese people come and check this blog I don’t want to trouble the scanlation groups).

Finally it’s done! I’ve been working on this for two days straight, but, at last, I can say my work here it’s done. Anyway, before leaving you all to this boring reading, I’ve noticed that I’ve read almost all the titles in this post. What about you guys? I’d like to hear which you own, which you have already read, which you like or hate. Let me know! Pretty please! You can leave a comment on this post or just talk to me via twitter. Don’t be shy, I’m already shy myself. orz
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⋆ 錆のゆめ 上 (久間よよよ)

And so, even September has ended. I was really planning to write something during the past few weeks, but lots of negative thoughts kept wondering around so I kind of refrained myself. I started to think that what I was writing here wasn’t actually what I wanted to write. “Can I really call this a review? Do people think about buying mangas I /recommend/ after reading what I write?” …these kind of thoughts stopped me everytime I tried reviewing a series… but as you can see, here I am, trying to write something. Hoping I won’t delete everything in the end.
Anyway, I’m still very glad there are people around who kept coming here, despite everything. Even though I don’t say anything, I’m 100% aware of how many views my blog recieves daily, weekly and monthly. ♪

Anyway!!! This time, we’ll talk about Yoyoyo Kuma‘s Sabi no Yume. I think I should also thank my muse who keeps buying manga from artists I don’t know and makes me to buy them as well.

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⋆ 嘘つきのハート (野花さおり)

01Hello everyone! It’s been a while, uh? I promised myself to write something before the beginning of May, but I did not. It’s not like I was lazy or something, it’s just that I had my thoughts elsewhere.

By the by, some time ago I run a poll on twitter with three titles and, since in the end we didn’t have a winner (you cheaters I know you plotted against me! >:^( ), I decided to pick a new title and write about them later. I am planning to write a review every week starting now, I hope to be able to do such a thing. orz

Anyway! Today’s manga is Usotsuki no Heart  (The Liar’s Heart) by Nobana Saori.

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