⋆ [BLCD+Songs] Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori

Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori (君と僕と世界のほとり), roughly translated as “You, me and the World side by side”, is a BL drama cd and songs series. The project will be a collaboration between PONY CANYON and GINGER BERRY, known for original BL series such as Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no.

As promised, I’ll try doing a rundown on characters, story and all the information available at the moment on the project site.

~A project to support in the shadow those who do not give up on love~

Starting from PONY CANYON × GINGER BERRY’s music,
an original song & drama CD BL series begins!
Set in the same town of “Rokka”, it’ll depict love of inseparable friends, love found by chance, love of childhood friends.
Why not wholeheartedly support in the shadow those who don’t give up on love?

The theme is special anniversaries for the two of them such as “Christmas”,”Valentine”, “Graduation”.

We will deliver the theme songs, endings love duet and
a drama that follows them from the moment their painful, unstable romance overflows until they give themselves to each other for the first heart throbbing time.


Phrase 1

Kokubo Toya (小久保冬也)chara-1_2x
cv. Yashiro Taku

1st Year at Rokka High School. Member of the Soccer Club. His position is MF (midfielder).

At a young age, as his mother was hospitalized, he is left in the care of the Kamikawa family and becomes attached to Eiji. He loves Eiji and so, as his “inseparable friend” who understands him the most, decides to always be on his side no matter the occasion.
Shy and blunt, but in reality he’s obedient.
He likes going for a walk with Eiji and his pet dog Ed.



Other Charachters

Male seagull. A spirit who watches over everyone’s love in Rokka.
Personality: Carefree. Kind.
Special skill: Fly. Warm everyone’s heart.
Feature: Shaped like a round snowman. Has also fluffy fur.
Secret: Fullfills love through the snow crystal on the hat.
It seems it has a mysterious power?
Favorite food: Sweet candies
Favorite place: Rokka Canal. Rokka Marina. Loves the waterside.


We have finally reached the end of this long, long post. I’ve included the song for the first Drama CD, Christmas, alone with you, performed by Ono Yuuki and Yashiro Taku. I hope you will ewnjoy/enjoyed watchingand listening as much as I did!

Truthfully speaking, I’m not really into BLCD series, I’ve only bought a few in the past, but this series is really intriguing. I might be wrong on this, but it’s probably the first one series that has included songs as well? I personally am so ready for this! I was baited by Makoto Furukawa (he’s been haunting me for the past few weeks since I’ve found out he’s the main voice of a few BLCD I’m interested into haha), but stayed for all the rest. I’ve always read good stuff about GINGER BERRY, so I’m confident they’ll do wonders with this. The cast is great (beautiful voices for all I can say at the moment) and the songs are going to be great as well!!! We got to listen to just one out of three, but if you’re familiar with vocaloid, just knowing that *Luna has worked on the other two makes me cry of joy. Im going a bit off topic here, but, if you get the chance, please listen to their songs. You won’t regret it.

I’m not going to post any info about their release date for now, but I’ll include them if anyone asks me to, though!!! Just know that the first CD will be out this December.

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