⋆ [Tomo Kurahashi] Hello, Morning Star

81whtw0sNvLAfter years of inactivity, I suddenly felt the need to write reviews again. I’ve been receiving notifications about people still coming over to this blog to read the weird stuff I used to write and I felt so euphoric that in the end I decided to give it another try. I hope I won’t let anyone down this time, I’ll try my best to give some worthy and not boring reviews.

From the title and cover picture I’m pretty sure there’s no need to introduce the manga I’m going to talk about, but, just in case, it’s Hello Morning Star by Tomo Kurahashi sensei.

If you’re familiar with the author I can only say congratulations! your taste in BL is really refined; if you’re not, then please, please, please try reading her works. My love for Kurahashi-sensei began with one of her first works, Sick, and ever since then not one of her series has ever let me down.

Hello Morning Star is a series related to Pink to Mameshiba, however, since we have little to none mention about the couple of the latter series, there’s no need to read it in order to enjoy Hello Morning Star. The story focuses mainly on two idols belonging tp two different, “rival”, units: Atsuto, popular member of L-Planet, and Yuuki, who is presented as someone who used to be more than just a friend, member of the idol group Real.

image0The former friends who have a strange awkward atmosphere around them and try to ignore each other as much as possible are forced to live under the same roof in order to bond for an upcoming movie in which they’re starring together. Ever since the first chapter, we’ve presented with some sad and heartbreaking realities about the world of idols. Despite acting normal, both the cold and serious Yuuki and the cheerful, handsome Atsuto are still tied to the past, neither able to let go of what happened. It’s during this time (first three chapters) that we learn more about their past and what caused their relationship to go from best friends to just… strangers, rivals from different units. They have both been pretty close to each other ever since early training to become idols, but when Atsuto is chosen to be part of L-Planet, their relationship suddely worsens. On the one hand, Atsuto feels responsible because him becoming part of an idol group without Yuuki meant betraying him, on the other, Yuuki who tried his best to let Atsuto go, in order not to slow down his career.

The story starts to take a different turn during the shoot for the movie. Both Atsuto and Yuuki start to get close to each other once again. The definite turn, however, happens during the crank up: to celebrate the end of the filming, the two idols decide to drink together. Half drank, they finally start to talk about the past. Full of remorse, it’s Atsuto the one who breaks the ice and lets out everything he’s been feeling deep inside.

image0 (1)


It’s because of me…
Yuuki’s fate, changed because of me.

are the words cried by a self-proclaimed guilty Atsuto. Bewildered, Yuuki hugs him and, to confort Atsuto, he finally explains why he did what he did. The Real member already knew about the situation and since he knew Atsuto’s personality, how he would have reacted at the time (meaning, he knew Atsuto would have not accepted because Yuuki wasn’t in the same group), decided to put a distance between the two of them. After confessing, the two idols who never ceased to want each other finally got back together.

Now, you might think I’m biased, but this is definitely a series you’d want in bookshelf.
As mentioned at the beginning, Kurahashi-sensei managed once again to strike my heart with more than one arrow. If with Pink to Mameshiba she made me squeal like a hyena the whole time, with the story of this volume she was able to do even more than that.

image0 (2)

Since I’m not a connoisseur, I know very little of the world of idols, but she was able to depict the jealousy and other themes related to it perfectly, in my modest opinion. I might have also teared up at some point. Atsuto and Yuuki really grew on me; since the very beginning we know that something happened between the two of them, so the story didn’t feel rushed either.
To the joy of the mass, there volume has also many sex scenes. In my opinion, this time they felt like a plus. I mean, if she didn’t include those, I would have appreciated the story either way. However, I must admit I enjoyed seeing the handsome Atsuto as the uke in their relationship.

I didn’t mention this before, but the actual title of this BL is “Hello Morning Star (1)” which means there will definitely be another volume. Will we get more about these two idols? Will the Atsuto’s little brother and his cute boyfriend appear as well? Or will we get more couples within L-Planed and Real? That, I don’t know, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. ♪

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