⋆ Renta! 10th Anniversary event!


Hello!! I’m back again with more fun things for you to do!

Today is Renta!’s 10th Anniversary and to celebrate they prepared a cute page with 28 attractions; each of them has your favourite mangakas’ special illustrations. ♥
Below I translated all the attractions, illustrations themes, included mangakas names and, where there were, what they consider moe.

NB. The 28 attractions will change position as you refresh.

Criminal】Funhouse — Sakurabi Hashigo (criminal x son of a distinguished family)
moe S seme】 Roller Coaster — Pi, Tanato, ZARIA
Prince】 Castle — London Pariko (prince-like type x commoner)
Childhood Friend】 Playground — Unohana, Kurahashi Tomo
Oresama】Jet aeroplane — Tsurusawa Tsutako
School】 Viking Ship — Ichikawa Kei (things related to school)
Brothers】Swan Boat– Sakana Tomomi (little brother who can chase after​ his big brother), Honda Yuita (little brother x big brother)
Soldiers】Free fall –​ Aomiya Kara (bishonen x soldier)
Entertainment】Circus — Harada, (band-man)
Yakuza x Police officer】Mountain — Yamamoto Kotetsuko,
Love Triangle】Cruise — Psyche Delico (versatile relationship), Matsumoto Miecohouse
Master-Slave Relationship】Airplane — Yuki Shimizu (age gap, master-slave relationship, wanko), Sagano
Inhuman】Tree house — Moegi Yuu (inhuman[seme])
Suits】Building — Shoko Hidaka (megane with a suit)
Sensei】Pool — Hinako (teacher x student)
University Students】Top spin — Owal
TsundereIllusion​ — Yamada Nichoume
Classmates】Ferris Wheel– Moto Haruko (highschool boys who hang out), yoha
Younger Seme】Canyon — Haruta, Haizaki Mejiro
Age gap】Castle — Hasumi Hana, Hideyoshico
Bride】Merry-go-round — Natsumizu Ritsu
Delinquent・Yankee】Rocket — Tobidase Kevin, Michinoku Atami, Yukue Moegi, Nobara Aiko
Megane】Coffee Cup — Kuroiwa Chihaya, Mita Homuro
Rivals】Go-kart — Natsume Isaku
Salary Man】 Train — Kashima Chiaki, Tenzen Momoko, Nana Meguri, Miya Tokokura, Ikuyasu
Bisexual】Airship — Kanonchi Hiro
Japanese Style】Estate — Yuki Ringo, Scarlet Beriko
Wanko】Cannon — Kamon Saeko (Younger seme, S seme, Wanko)

If you’re Renta! jp member, you’ll want to participate the simple questionnaire and try to win a stamp (sum up of the questions below)! If not, I hope you’ll at least enjoy those awesome illustrations. ♪

■ What word fits the megane image in this Hideyoshico’s illustration?
thickened eyebrows​
mole under the eye
double tooth

■ How many hearts do you cound in Ichikawa Kei’s illustration?

■ How many flowers on the top of the head of the “bride” in Natsumizu Ritsu’s illustration?

■ What’s the word written in the heart of Haizaki Mejiro’s illustration?
愛 (Love)
ドM (Extreme Masochist)
かわいい (Cute)
母性 (Maternity​)

■ Take a look at Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s illustration. What’s the word that could replace the ○○ in this sentence? 「As expected the two of you, that are ○○, are enthralled by each other!!」

Always fighting
Lovey dovey

I translated this last one question in a really weird way, but didn’t know how else would have sounded good??? Sorry. If you know of a better way to translate, contact me!

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