⋆ Dear, MY GOD (朝田 ねむい)

01.pngHello, my deers~ ♪
I’ve been neglecting all kind of works lately. Truth to be told I’m just trying to concentrate on my studies for now, I have two exams in a month and despite it being a month it’s an extremely short amount of time.
Well, of course that’s not all, there’s a new game I’m being obsessed with. You know, those idol games everyone is addicted to? Well, something like that. I honestly haven’t checked it’s full name, but I will probably tell you.

Okay, so… what is the manga of today? One I have been yearning for a while: Dear, MY GOD by Asada Nemui. I can’t believe it’s finally in my hands!!  [insert some dumb emoji dance]
I found out about Asada Nemui thanks to MBE, the scanlation group I’m working for; maybe I had seen other works before, but the latest one they worked on really got me. Not as much as to buy another of her books, but oh god her artstyle is super attractive to me and PLEASE. JUST. LOOK. AT. THE. COVER!!!!
♦ NB. Before reading things below, I am not used to read katakana, so I kinda guessed their names. I’ll leave it here, if anyone can clarify this for me.

1Priest Ross (ロース), our main character, is visiting a shop and notices something is off. The shop owner is with a strange hooded man which is basically holding a big knife against his back. In the blink of an eye the man is hit with a fire extinguisher and runs away. Ross follows him and after helping him out he talks to him and finds that he’s part of a cult.

2The priest then offers to accompany Rib (リブ, maybe Reeve?) to the headquarter and finds this suspicious man, the Professor, who’s using drugs on a bunch of people, and on Rib too. At this point Ross is forced down and unwillingly drinks some strange liquid and gets locked up. As the pages go on, Rib tries to kill Ross, but is unable to so he makes Ross eat something and kinda force himself on tour priest. After this little adventure, we, and Ross, get to know Rib’s background.

3Using Rib trust in him, Ross manages to escape from that place and tells everything to the police. Afterwards Rib is arrested, but Ross promises him to go and visit him once in a while. Once Rib is out he visits Ross’s church everyday to help him out. Their relationship seems to be closer now, but somehow Rib ends up telling Ross he wants a tattoo of his on his chest. Ross then remembers what happened back when he was locked in the Professor’s base and tells him that it’s a no can do. After Riff flees, Ross chases him. It’s natural what happens now: the two of them confess and Rib asks for a kiss and so they kiss.

4This series, let me tell you, was really enjoyable. It gives you enough backstory and characterization to satisfy while making you want to read more to see what happens. A definite good read, I’d totally recommend it to you.

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